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At Fast Financing, we take pride in providing a service that is completely free for our clients. While this might raise questions about how we sustain our operations, it’s important to understand that we are compensated by the lenders themselves. However, a common misconception is that this compensation might lead lenders to increase the cost for the clients. In this blog post, we’ll shed light on why this is not the case and why lenders have little incentive to charge clients more.

1. Revenue-Based Financing: A Limited Margin for Lenders to Play With: primarily offers Revenue Based Financing (RBF) solutions, a financing method in which repayments are directly tied to a business’s revenue. This unique approach means that lenders have limited room to maneuver when it comes to adjusting pricing. The repayment terms are structured based on a fixed percentage of the business’s revenue, ensuring that the client can comfortably manage repayments without putting their cash flow in jeopardy.

In this model, lenders understand that the success of the client’s business directly affects their ability to repay the loan. If lenders were to increase the cost substantially, it could hinder the client’s profitability, making it more difficult for them to meet their financial obligations. This counterproductive outcome is not in the lender’s best interest, as they rely on the client’s success for loan repayment.

2. The “10/90 Rule” and the Lender’s Perspective on Money:

In the lender’s world, especially in the realm of financial institutions, there is a concept often referred to as the “10/90 rule.” This rule suggests that only 10% of the money lent out by banks or financial institutions is actually backed by physical assets or deposits, while the remaining 90% is essentially created electronically through the lending process.

This unique financial mechanism means that lenders do not necessarily need to charge clients more to be able to pay their bills. They have the ability to create money “out of thin air” through the lending process. Increasing the cost for clients could lead to adverse consequences, such as reduced demand for loans or clients defaulting on their payments, which would ultimately impact the lender’s profitability.


In summary, the fact that Fast Financing’s services are free for clients does not translate into lenders increasing the cost for clients. Revenue-Based Financing limits the room for pricing adjustments, as it directly depends on the client’s business performance. Additionally, the financial world’s unique dynamics, such as the “10/90 rule,” allow lenders to sustain their operations without burdening clients with higher costs. Rest assured that at, our mission is to help clients access financing solutions that are both fair and beneficial to their businesses.

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